Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation really is about companies using technology to make their businesses better:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve customer service
  • Create value out of intellectual property and their brand
  • Increase the bottom-line value of the business

Vybe Networks, through it's VybeOffice package of service, works your businesses to identify areas where you can use technology to make your business more profitable.

Here are ways other businesses are using technology to propel their business forward:


Using technology helps you respond to increasingly demanding expectations from customers & investors.

  • The future is the smartphone- Making sure that the clients can access their accounts from their phones at anytime from anywhere.
  • Data Backup Systems- Data will never be lost allowing you to keep track of business easily.


Setting business goals and future plans for the upcoming years is as important as knowing where you want to see yourself in a particular period of time.

  • Setting specific goals helps give a clearer vision for the team to achieve within the anticipated time.
  • Budget- Working with numbers in mind keeps you on track and allows you to focus on the greater areas which need development.
  • Marketing the services, using the 5’S [Sell, Speak, Serve, Save, Sizzle] will often benefit the future targeted goals.
  • Always keep track of your competitors and be updated.

Embracing Digital

Going digital allows you to reach out to a vast number of consumers through media. Been digital leaves a bigger footprint on the market.

  • Social Media - Advertising on social media allows consumers to virtually connect with you. Don’t make people search for you.
  • Encourage reviews- 88% of the clients trust reviews and views the services online before reaching out to you.
  • Always get contact information on any consumer that reaches out which can be used for future online marketing.
  • Create live chats and respond to all possible emails.